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Volkswagen Car-Net Vehicle Safety System Features

Customer safety is a priority at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield and Car-Net is the best way to ensure you and your family's safety! Car-Net provides a large variety of resources that make using your new Volkswagen both easier and more secure.

Family Guardian:

Having a new driver in the family can be nerve-racking but Car-Net's boundary and speed alerts give parents peace of mind when they're teen goes for a drive. With the boundary alert system, you can create up to 10 virtual boundaries on the web portal where your vehicle can be driven. If the car exits or enters these areas, you will receive an alert. The speed alerts system functions the same way! You can set a maximum speed alert for your vehicle and when the vehicle exceeds that limit you will receive an alert. Contact our team of VW specialists today (703)451-2380 to get more Car-Net information!

Remote Access:

Having remote access to your car will make finding and using your vehicle even easier! Using the Car-Net mobile app or Web Portal you can easily find your car in a crowded parking lot, close your sunroof or trunk, turn off your lights, and lock your doors. Using the mobile app, you can see on a map where your vehicle's last location. If you've simply lost your car in a parking lot, you can also find it easily by setting off the vehicle's horn or flash its lights from anywhere. For those people who frequently lock their keys in their cars, Car-Net has a perfect solution for you! Using the mobile app or web portal you can unlock your vehicle's doors from anywhere. Contact our team of VW specialists today (703)451-2380 to get more Car-Net information!


Using Car-Net you can set up service appointments, locate your Sheehy Volkswagen dealer wherever you are, and receive a vehicle health report. The vehicle health report will show your vehicle's mileage, estimated fuel level, mileage until your next Sheehy service appointment and any open maintenance items. This report is sent out automatically at the end of every month and can be sent out at any time on request. Using this report can help you decide when to service your vehicle next and Car-Net's Response Center specialists can help you set up a service appointment. And if you're in the Springfield, VA area stop by Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield  and we'll ensure our highly skilled technicians take care of you and your car! Simply call this number 1-877-820-2290 and Car-Net will set up your next dealer appointment. Not only will they help schedule an appointment but they will also send your vehicle's data to the dealer of your choice ahead of time so the technicians can start working the minute you arrive! Contact our team of VW specialists today (703)451-2380 to get more Car-Net information!



Car-Net's safety features ensure that all people in the car have access to the tools they need in case of an accident. The automatic crash notification will notify the Car-Net Response center immediately after airbags deploy with your vehicles location. A Car-Net customer specialist will immediately contact your vehicle and send help if necessary. If you haven't gotten into an accident but still need medical attention or you're in an un-safe situation help is one push of a button away! The Car-Net SOS button will immediately send your vehicle's location to the Emergency Response Center and they will send help immediately. The Car-Net Wrench button is also an incredibly useful tool if your vehicle breaks down somewhere. With one push of a button your vehicle's location is transmitted to Volkswagen Roadside Assistance and a Roadside Assistance agent will help determine what type of assistance is needed! Car-Net also will work with law enforcement officials once a police report is filed to help locate your car if it is ever stolen. Car-Net has a built in GPS module that will allow the Car-Net Response Center to track and locate your vehicle.

Not only are the Car-Net features perfect in emergency situations they are also great tools to help if you are lost or in need of directions. If your Volkswagen has a state of the art navigation system than you simply need to input your destination! But if you would still like help, a Volkswagen operator can send a destination right to your car's navigation system. Another great feature of the Car-Net roadside assistance is the ability for you to personally input a destination into your vehicle's navigation system from the Volkswagen Car-Net Web Portal.

Contact our team of VW specialists today (703)451-2380 to get more information about Car-Net!



Not only is the Volkswagen Car-Net safety system a great asset to keep you and your family safe, secure and happy but it is cost effective too! It costs $199 for a one-year subscription which saves you $16.58 per month.  A two-year subscription plan costs $378 but saves you $15.75 per month. And the three-year subscription plan costs $540 but saves you $15.00 per month! If you don't want to commit to a full year subscription you can also choose the month to month option. A month of Car-Net will cost $17.00. There is no risk buying a longer term subscription because, if at any time you don't want to continue using Car-Net you can cancel and get a full refund for the time you didn't use. There is also no termination penalty!

Contact our team of VW specialists today (703)451-2380 to get more Car-Net information!

Car-Net is the best resource available, our competitors can't compare to all of the amazing features Car-Net provides! Check out how our competitors stack up!


Our customers highly-value Car-Net. They know that when they or their family are in trouble Car-Net is always there to help pick up the pieces. Car-Net has already helped a countless number of people. Let them help you in your time of need too! Check out some testimony below from a customer who's family is indebted to Car-Net.

As some of you may already know my daughter Kaitlyn was involved in a serious accident the Friday before Spring Break. She was hit by a Tow Truck traveling at 40mph while she was sitting at a red light and was shoved into a Chevrolet Tahoe totaling her vehicle in the front and the back, a GTI sandwich if you will…

Immediately after the deployment of the safety systems three things happened:
- A Car-Net associate called through the onboard system and asked my daughter if she was okay, and asked what her condition was and was able to retrieve my wife's cell # (Kaitlyn's 1st response was 'my dad is going to kill me, my GTI is totaled') lol.
- The Emergency services were dispatched to her location and were there promptly
- The Car-Net associate called my wife to notify her that Kaitlyn had been in an accident and was on her way to Baylor Medical Emergency.

When you get a minute close your eyes and think of someone you love dearly and ask yourself, is it worth having Car-Net in your vehicle? And, most importantly is it worth having the system active?

As a parent of a 17-year-old daughter who went through this traumatic experience there is really only one answer.

Can you guess it?

What would you do to keep your family as safe as possible?


Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield

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