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Why You Should Get a Gap Insurance Cover

GAP, Guaranteed Asset Protection, insurance is critical. Picture this. Your car has been in a crash. The vehicle was a loan purchase whose payments are due. Your insurance company will only cover the market value of the automobile, meaning that you bear the deficit. This is where GAP insurance comes in handy.

In this case, GAP insurance would cover the deficit and saves you the strain of sourcing for funds to finance the shortfall. The accurate account of the importance of the GAP insurance cover is offered by the beneficiaries of the GAP insurance cover. We at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield will be glad to help you to safeguard your financial interest in case of an accident by helping you get a GAP plan for you.

Contact us at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield or drop by our offices in Springfield and we will gladly give you more information on GAP insurance as well as set you up with a GAP insurance plan.

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