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Is it Time to Bring Your Car in for Exhaust Service?

The exhaust system on your car serves three purposes: to protect the occupants by safely transferring toxic fumes from the engine to outside the vehicle, to clean up those gases before they pollute the environment, and to dampen engine noise. Like any other system in an automobile, it needs to be properly maintained; even then, parts wear out.

When to Bring Your Exhaust in for a Service

Here at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield, our mechanics know what to do when you notice smoke coming from your exhaust pipe or if you spot something dripping from your muffler. They even know how to spot trouble and advise you on what needs to be done even before it starts to affect the safety or performance of your car.

A properly maintained exhaust system will protect you, your passengers, and the environment. It will also play a role in helping you get the best fuel mileage your vehicle can deliver. Call our Volkswagen repair department and arrange for us to check your exhaust system today.

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