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Tread Is The Most Important Things On Tires

Tire tread is arguably the most important part of tires, as they help keep the ability to stay in a straight line high, prevent obstructions from interfering with one’s line of driving, and more. Some say inserting a penny into the tread and testing if the former president’s head is covered is a way of testing sufficient levels of tread.

However, this test isn’t appropriate. Try using a quarter instead, using the same guidelines. The head of a penny is 2/32 inches from the outside, whereas a quarter is double that length. 10/32 inches is the standard length of new car tires, whereas 4/32 inches is the new standard for knowing when to replace tires. 2/32 when your tires have gotten way too low and needs replacing.

If you don’t have good tire tread, you could lose gas mileage, wreck, and take longer to drive, or have them pop unexpectedly. Contact us at Sheehy Volkswagen of Springfield if you want a professional dealing with changing your tires.

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